AU CHEVAL scored a 4

Somehow we got the impression that our server didn’t like us and was dishing up a little attitude. Hard to believe because we’re a likable bunch. But that’s not the reason why we were really split about this place.  It doesn’t take reservations and we arrived early (5:30) because we’re a party of five and that can be tricky.  We were seated immediately but were crammed into a booth that was clearly meant for four.   (That made the evening a little uncomfortable.) The food was — on average — good, but the Money  felt  the value was a little skewed.   On the other hand, it has a nice atmosphere.  The bottom line is that we would return if we were looking for a fun bar with some interesting bar food.

We ordered: Bread & Butter Pickles; delicious. (We like pickles and pickled things.) Chili Con Carne with Corn Chips; fun and delicious and served with a bag of Fritos. (Kind of reminded us of the bolognese fries at THREE ACES); Burgers:  delicious and topped with an egg; Salmon (on special); well-prepared.; Mille Feuille; totally boring.

Cuisine and style of dining: American/bar food and cozy booths.

800 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL

Visited on July 13, 2013.


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