THE BRISTOL Scored a 5.6

This restaurant would have received a 6 (which is pretty unheard of for us) except for a seating problem and one  snippy comment from a waiter that caused the Critic to rate it a 4.  Everyone else rated it a 6. One of our ongoing problems has been being seated with a party of 5 at rectangular tables where one person looks across the table at an empty spot.  We Need More Round Tables!  It’s hurting the ratings, I’m telling you.

Some of what we ordered: monkey bread, duck fat fries, radishes, (which looked like they came straight out of the garden and arrived at the table with their tops still on) smoked carrot salad, farm roasted half chicken, beef sirloin cap.  The Blogger would go back just for the smoked carrot salad.   There wasn’t anything we ate that we didn’t like —  a lot.

Cuisine and style of dining: American

2152 N. Damen, Chicago, IL

Visited on 9/21/2013


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