DUSEK’S SCORED A 2.6 (plus PUNCH HOUSE mini review)

Let the Blogger get this out of the way right now.  The server forgot my diet coke. He  apologized profusely and then forgot it again and again apologized profusely.  Then he forgot my coffee.  Which never came.  Sorry.  I don’t drink.

Some of what we ordered: klug farm apples , grapes, frites and romesco, classic main lobster roll.  Because we had over an hour wait, we drank up at The Punch House which is downstairs from Dusek’s. There we had a pot of house pickles, wood roasted olives,  stuffed pretzels,  oysters, and punch, other alcoholic beverages, and a diet coke that arrived promptly – with lemon.

I think some of us would return to Punch House before Dusek’s.

Cuisine and style of dining: “beer-inspired cuisine”

1227 W. 18th St., Chicago, IL

Visited on 11/7/2013



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