The Rating System

Two reviewers were in favor of the 5 point system we’re all familiar with. Three wanted a 7 point system for greater granularity.  The sevens won.  Each reviewer assigns a number* rating to an idiosyncratic mix of food, drinks, service, atmosphere, and overall value.  Roughly the numbers mean:

7 — This is a once in a lifetime experience.  If you’re a pessimist, you really never want to have it, because once you do, you know you’ll never have it again.  If you’re an optimist, you’re eagerly searching for this elusive rating.

6 — This is a hands down excellent restaurant.  Maybe you have a six experience once a year. It’s like, wow.

5 — This is a damn good, hitting on all cylinders restaurant.  Any restaurant should feel proud of the five.

4 — This is a good restaurant, but is teetering between above and below.  It’s really close, either way.

3 — We like to say, “there’s nothing wrong with a three.”  A three is perfectly respectable.  A three is your fall-back, reliable, solid, know what you’re going to get kind of place.

2 — You definitely did not like this restaurant.  You would never choose to go back to this restaurant, but if you’re with a group that insists on it, you’ll go along and order water and toast.

1 — Wild horses couldn’t drag you back to this place.  You would never, ever, ever, give the owner another cent.  The business should close and everyone should just go home.

* Each reviewer has 24 hours to adjust the rating.


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